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Mhee Khun Mae

Our Thai Partner - 'Mhee Khun Mae' translated to English is 'Noodles By Mum' which is a family run business producing authentic Thai sauces, pastes and meal kits to make Thai cooking easy!

The family run business origin is in a province in Thailand called 'Korat' also known as 'Nakhon Ratchasima' All ingredients are home grown on her own farm so she knows exactly what is going in to each meal kit.

The family run business is known in numerous provinces around Thailand and well known for the products being delicious and tasty. Origin Chef wants the rest of the world to be able to taste true Thai dishes direct from the origin and to help the family business grow worldwide!


Mhee Khun Mae is always looking to expand her product list and satisfy her customers, so please leave feedback on her products and any suggestions on meal kits you would like added to the list she will always take in to consideration!

Street Food

The Story

'Mhee Khun Mae' originated from a family idea that they wanted people in Thailand to taste a true authentic Thai taste when making Thai dishes. So they decided to create meal kits with authentic ingredients so the people of Thailand could make these meals easily and get the true original taste. 


Miss Karnjana Jettanadee (founder of Mhee Khun Mae) got inspiration from her Mother, Miss Nom Jettanadee. Her Mother is the main supporter of the company and works very hard behind the business growing and making all the spices to make these amazing recipes. She loves cooking and is very professional in the Thai herb and spice industry. She grows all her own ingredients so that she knows that they are all grown correctly to give her finishing product the unique taste she wants.

The Family


The lady who created the amazing recipes for these meals and is in charge of manufacturing all the ingredients.

IMG_7598 (1).jpg

The owner and manager of the business who works extremely hard and long hours running the business and making sure everything is done to perfection. She is very lovely and extremely friendly. We love working with her.

Pad Thai is a favorite food of Thailand. With its dominant sweetness, sourness and mellowness, it is a palatable dish for both Thais and foreigners. Pad Thai of Mhee Khun Mae features in sauce. The sauce has a sweet-and-sour taste and unique aromatic spices, doubling up with the nice, chewy noodle. That’s why it is the most popular product. In addition, it is easy to cook. Anyone can cook it and get the original taste of real Thai food.

IMG_0953 (1).jpg

Pad Mhee Korat is a local food and is considered a daily dish of people in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. It is popular to cook in important ceremonies such as weddings and other entertainment events because it's very easy to make and is a favorite dish among guests. Pad Mhee Korat looks similar to Pad Thai, but the taste is different, it tastes spicier and does not add dried shrimps, nuts and tofu.

Pad Khee Mao is a flavor in which a lot of Thai herbs are used to make the sauce. The smell of hot herbs is very distinctive but the taste is not too hot to eat. Pad Khee Mao is a good instance of Thai spices.


Thai Green Curry is one of Thailand’s most well known dishes around the world. But Mhee Khun Mae’s recipe is one of a kind, an authentic fresh vibrant and spicy taste. Have a taste of a true authentic Thai green curry!

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