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This set includes:

Rice Noodles (100g)

Mhee Korat Sauce (110g)


You will need:

Meat, seafood or vegetables.


Serves 2-3


Mhee Khun Mae special Mhee Korat (Stir Fried Rice Noodle) recipe which has been passed on through the family for over 20 years. Get a taste of a true authentic Mhee Korat taste. Everything is included in the meal kit, you can choose to simply add a meat of your choice, shrimps or just eat it as it is. 


Pad Mhee Korat is a local food and is considered a daily dish of people in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. It is popular to cook in important ceremonies such as weddings, ordinations and other entertainment events because it is very easy to make and is a favorite one among the guests. Pad Mhee Korat looks similar to Pad Thai, but the taste is different. This local dish tastes spicier and does not add dried shrimps, nuts and tofu.

Pad Mhee Korat Meal Kit

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  • Ingredients:

    Rice Noodles (48%): Rice 87%, Water, Vegetable Oil. Mhee Korat Paste (52%): Sugar 27.15 %, Palm oil 17.83 %, Water 7.89 %, Shallot 7.40 %, Palm sugar 7.15 %, Tamarin 7.05 %, Garlic 5.13 %, Oyster sauce 4.45 %, Fermented soybean 4.10 %, Glucose syrup 3.45 %, Monosodium L- glutamate (INS 621) 2.46 %, Salt 2.15 %, Sweet soy sauce 1.64 %, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein 1.44 %, Dried chili 0.61 %, Sodium Benzoate (INS211) 0.10 %

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