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Origin Chef Curates International Meal Kits to Support Small Businesses

A new startup is turning the meal kit industry on its head with its international concept, and it’s expanding food access and supporting small businesses and farmers in the process. Origin Chef is the project of Luke Timmins from Plymouth, England and Chermarn Kedsana from Bangkok, Thailand as a way to support local family businesses during the difficulties created by the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Their concept flies on the tailcoats of the growing meal kit market, which is expected to reach a global value of more than $11.6 billion USD by 2022. But the pair’s unique take on their service is one that may forever change how foods are sourced and meals are enjoyed.

Their suppliers are farms and small local businesses around the world that contribute to each meal’s authentic taste. For many meal kit subscribers, access to these foods would otherwise be impossible because they come from a variety of countries and sources not available to the global masses.

“Having traveled the world and sampled cuisine from many small towns and villages, we wanted a way to deliver authentic, original tastes while at the same time helping small businesses expand during these trying times,” shares Timmins.

The team is working directly with families to source not only their foods, but also their tried-and-true family recipes to create more genuine experiences. Many of their supply partners have been impacted by the pandemic and are looking for ways to maintain or grow their food businesses. Meals are pre-packaged and easy to cook for all skill levels, some of which are microwavable to reduce cooking times and cleanup.

Through their efforts, Timmins and his partner Kedsana seek to introduce local flavors and meals to international audiences in a way that hasn’t been done before.

“Our first shipment of meal kits from Thailand is on the way and we are looking to expand to other countries in the near future.”

Some of the current meal options include Pad Thai, Thai Chicken Green Curry, Pad Kee Mao, and Pad Mhee Korat, and soon many others.

In addition to sending complete meals, each kit includes a step by step guide on how to properly cook each meal, along with a video demonstration and suggestions on additional ingredients to augment the meal.

“We have taken a personal approach to choosing every ingredient, every meal, and every source to ensure the highest quality. Because of our close relationships with our suppliers, we can see how and where all the ingredients are made and even be the first to hear about new products they’re offering. It’s a truly unique experience, one that the meal kit industry has been missing for too long.”

Many of Origin Chefs’ meals are ready to order. To learn more or for media inquiries, visit

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