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Food Delivery



Would you like to start your own business? Earn extra income? Try Origin Chef's food delivery package!

Our meal kits are so easy to cook and taste so authentic that anyone is able to cook these from home and deliver freshly cooked Thai food in their local area!

Included in our package we will provide attractive flyers for you to deliver door to door, step by step videos on how to cook our meals, food delivery containers, delivery bags and full support anytime it is needed.

We will also show you all the steps to register as a business cooking from home, register as self-employed and get your business started. Anyone can do it! 

We provide you with all the stuff and knowledge to get started but you decided the prices you want to sell your meals for and your delivery range area. You can easily make 100%+ profit on our packages! 

If you are interested in cooking and delivering in your local area please contact us today using the form below. Please include the area you would like to start your business and we will provide you with a much more in depth description of how to get started and the costs.

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