Our mission is to bring local recipes from small local businesses and make them worldwide! We want to bring the amazing authentic tasting dishes from around the world and make them into easy step by step meal kits. Each local company we choose always have an amazingly delicious recipe and an amazing story of how they started there small often family run business.


There are many supermarkets selling meal kits to make meals from other countries but we have yet been able to find one with the true authentic taste. Having travelled the world, here at Origin Chef we know how these meals should really taste and we would like you to know too!


We provide you with as much ingredients as we can to make the cooking as easy and simple as possible. Most of our meal kits will provide everything apart from the optional extra of meat, fish or vegetables. We have a very close personal relationship with all our partners, we can see where all their ingredients are made and constantly in contact with them hearing updates about new products and how their business is growing!

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